AFG Electrical recognises customers are looking to reduce their carbon footprint (clean energy, reducing GHG & sustainability profile), maximise energy savings and stay in control of consumption through real-time monitoring.

AFG Electrical has been installing domestic and commercial solar with our dedicated team of specialist MCS registered installers and has been hard at work reducing energy consumption and saving customers thousands of pounds.

With our wide range of solar panels and Inverters combined with battery storage, it is a cost-effective way to go greener and lower your carbon footprint.

Our Services Include:

  • 1

    A wide range of solar inverters and panels

  • 2

    Certified MCS installers and extended product warranty

  • 3

    Solar installation and set up

  • 4

    Rooftop solar and panel maintenance & repair services

  • Home Solar Panels
  • Commercial Solar
  • Warehouse Solar

Ready to transform your domestic or commercial property into an energy-efficient hub? Contact us today to discuss your project and embark on a brighter, greener future.